Why Invest in
Self Storage Units?

You, as an investor, can achieve income through an unusual opportunity to invest in real estate in a different way.

There is a unique opportunity to take advantage of in the Self Storage Industry Income Market. "The New Investors" who do not want the traditional real estate situation, can now take advantage of this investment. An investor can own 1 or 100 or more self storage units, also shed/non-shed boat, car and RV storage, which can be acquired in time intervals comfortable to the investor from different real estate agents. The unit(s) can have a geographic spread domestically or even globally. The investment is basically a storage shell, of various sizes that produces income for the investor.

The Investment

• Can be rented/leased over and over again
• Does not require the normal maintenance living quarters require
• Most security, maintenance, management etc. are in place
• Has no wheels – it is a stationary investment
• Many times the unit(s) can be resold
• Accountability status of the unit(s) typically can be tracked by the investor
• Many of the facilities can be viewed by the investor via webcam
• Tax benefits can be available to the investor
• Financing available in many areas

Join now and take advantage of our free enrollment and be on the ground floor of the new real estate market.


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