Why Invest in
Self Storage Units?

Where Realtors meet The New Investors

The real estate industry is changing. By being creative, you can enhance your income, while gaining access to investors and moving more properties.

"The New Investors" are looking for affordable ways to invest in real estate. Through investing with you, you can tap into an untapped market you did not have access to before. The investors are predisposed to the self storage and real estate industry. As a realtor, you have access to self storage properties where you are the listing real estate agent or have knowledge of storage facilities and other real estate that can be presented to the investor(s).

You, as the realtor, along with the investor, have these unique opportunities:

  • Your client/seller can achieve financial expectations, by possibly enhancing a larger price per facility
  • Realtor can earn a higher commission by taking possible advantage of the target or
    higher price by interfacing with the various investors
  • Expose the investor(s) to the storage industry and it`s possibilies
  • Realtor can gain a relationship with numerous investors that they would not normally have contact with
  • Financing available to the Realtor and the Investors
  • Realtor can capture the potential resale commission of the investor’s units (for a second sale)
  • Potentially tap into 401(k), Roth or retirement approved accounts
  • With a password, the realtor can post pictures of available facilities and available information about the facility for investor(s) review, with your contact information
  • Realtor has the additional opportunity to market indoor, outdoor, expansion (extra land attached to the facility) or land to be acquired, climate controlled units and units to be built
  • Expose the investor(s) to other investments

Join now and take advantage of our low initial enrollment cost and be on the ground floor of the new real estate market.

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